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IMG_6748 chinook


Some new flies

Been a long time since I’ve posted. Life gets in the way. Just a few new tube ties. IMG_6852 IMG_6863 IMG_6866

What it’s all about

It’s amazing just how quickly a slow week of steelhead fishing can instantly become one of the most memorable. Every once and a while, a bit of timing, a lot of luck and being in the right place at the right time actually occurs.

4500 km, 1 flat tire, 15 days, and totally worth all of it.




Leave for terrace in two days…

No more lectures?

The only lectures left are those of the rivers…

11 days..cannot wait

Yah Brown Trout

Trying to keep track of the amount of fishing (or time i’ve been on the river) using google calender. Haven’t kept track of days on the river apart from guiding since I was 17..

Been keeping track since the 29th of March, and so far have been on the river 7 times, plus one water temp check… Not bad for a full time student that works on Saturdays and being April.  Loving the weather, loving the fish. Will probably exponentially decrease this week with the end of school on the very close horizon..Image

Supposed to be getting new toys in the mail tomorrow, which is a good thing considering how poorly a rod interacts with a rip-rap bank when combined with studded boots and a distracted idiot. Rocks 1, Z-Axis 0.

Only 16 days till done University (hopefully for good!), and leaving steelhead/chinook fishing. Can’t wait

Work, School and Fishing

Been doing a bunch of fishing, and it’s been fishing pretty well at this moment. Been pretty funny how when the nymphing is good, I really don’t mind doing it. Went out for half hour after work on saturday, fished one hole and got more than my share of fish..tough to beat it when its like that, especially in March.

Nice to see fish starting to each streamers with a lot more regularity, and moving into shallower water by the day… Hopeful for midging fish, but we all seem to forget that typically we get very little to none… Not sure if I want to see them or not. More people will fish them this year than any other if they do occur, so the fish will get smarter a lot faster, but if they dont eat them on top I’ll be nymphing away till steelheading in April…Hope you enjoy!